Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Preening Peacock (A Rosalinda Alameda Mystery #1), by Lisa Shea (author), Grace Sylvan (narrator)

Minerva Webworks LLC, March 2017 (original publication August 2015)

Rosalinda Alameda is a Puerto Rican who moved to Massachusetts to attend college, and  instead her life went sideways because of an ill-judged marriage. Now 50, working in a veterinarian's office, and living in Boston, she enjoys visiting the Franklin Park Zoo. This is a mystery short story set at the zoo. In this outing, she notices something odd about the peacocks, and meets some of the zoo staff and volunteers. For such a short story, it's hard to say much more without spoilers. However, I like Rosalinda, and I think some of those she meets along the way will be likable and/or interesting as the series continues.

Short, clever, and enjoyable.

I bought this audiobook.

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