Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Change of Plans (Safe Harbors #1), by Donna K. Weaver (author), Karen Kruper (narrator)

Rhemelda Publishing, July 2013

A year after the death of her fiance and a shocking revelation about him, Lyn North agrees to go on a cruise with her friend Elle. She hopes to let the cruise be a distraction from the memories. While on the cruise, she meets Jori Virtanen, who is currently a model but wants to pursue his art--art which Lyn sees is very promising. But Jori, handsome though he is, is more like another brother.

Far more disturbing to her peace of mind is Braedon Randolph, also ruggedly handsome, a thoracic surgeon, and a fellow music lover. Lyn, Elle, Jori, Braedon, and others start to form a circle of friends enjoying the cruise together.

And then the cruise is interrupted by pirates, and suddenly it's not just a week or two at sea. It's a survival adventure that will last over two years for some of them.

This is the first in the Safe Harbors series, of which I've read several others in no particular order. Until now, I've largely had to infer the events of this book, and the stories are sufficiently stand-alone that it's perfectly possible to enjoy them without having the whole story of these foundational events. It's quite satisfying to get the whole story, now, though, and Lyn and Braedon's story is quite enjoyable in itself

It's a satisfying romance in what becomes an unusual setting.

I bought this audiobook.

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