Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mastiffs, Mystery, and Murder (A Dog Detective Mystery #1), by Sandra Baublitz (author), Nancy Bober (narrator)

Sandra Baublitz, November 2017

Clarissa Hayes and her trusty St. Bernard, Paw, are helping out her PI boyfriend, Bruce Sevor, are at a dog show to investigate the possible murder of a much-disliked former competitor. It's a problem that neither of them knows anything about dog shows, and Clarissa has never done more than the most rudimentary training with Paw, but he is purebred, and a lovely dog. Fortunately, they also get help from friends who are more more interested in the dog show scene, especially Shelbee, who is a pet sitter and dog trainer.

They meet the good, the bad, and the ugly of the dog show scene, which is filled with people who love dogs, and people who are incredibly competitive. At least one looks like a potential murderer, and had clashed with the suspected murder victim in the past. It's a bit inconvenient, as well as unpleasant, when he turns up dead, too, this time obviously murder.

Baublitz clearly knows dogs. Despite two deaths, another owner attacked, and some alarming moments, it's mostly a light, entertaining story where plausibly real dogs, including Paw and the latest murder victim's mastiff, Samuel, get to play plausibly helpful roles in straightening things out.

Some things do work themselves out a bit too simply, but it's a story I was able to relax into, with dogs and dog lovers.

A light, fun read.

I bought this audiobook.

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