Monday, June 21, 2021

The Cuckoo's Cry by Caroline Overington (author), Aimee Horne (narrator)

Audible Studio, July 2020

Don Barlow is retired, widowed, and living alone in the home in Bondi, near Sydney, where he and wife Pam raised their daughter Danielle. With the global pandemic lockdown about to hit, he answers a knock on the door, and finds a young woman standing there. She says her name is Morgan, she's in trouble, has no place to go, and finally, springs the news that she's his granddaughter--the child of the son he had with a girl when they were in high school. That son was given up for adoption, and Don has never seen him, but he responds to this surprise granddaughter, and invites her in.

Don enjoys having this previously unknown granddaughter in his home. He's not alone in the lockdown; she does things to enliven his life and maker him laugh. Don's daughter, Danielle, though, is very, very concerned. Danielle and her husband, Jackson, each show up separately, trying to find out more about this Morgan. Even if she's on the outs with her father, why would she have nowhere else to go?

Danielle is certain that Morgan is trouble, and although some of it is certainly jealously, she's equally sure it's not just jealousy. Jackson thinks her reaction is over the top and a bit paranoid--but he also acknowledges that she's rarely wrong in her basic assessment of people.

So, what's going on?

The listener knows before the other characters do that there really is something fishy going on with Morgan. The truth, though, is more complicated than even Morgan knows.

It's an interesting story about character and the coronavirus lockdown, and the complexities and stresses of family.


It seems likely that I got this free as part of the Audible Originals program, and I am reviewing it voluntarily.

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