Friday, June 11, 2021

Echo in Time (Echo Trilogy #1), by Lindsey Fairleigh (author), Dana Dae (narrator)

Rubus Press, ISBN 9781094262048, December 2013

Archaeology grad student Alexandra Larson has just experienced her first notable success--a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal.

She's also starting to experience more disturbing events, in which she has dreams that recall forgotten memories just when she needs them, or, more disturbingly, things that haven't happened yet, but which are all too real. Or things which have happened, but aren't her experiences. They're the experiences of other members of her family.

Then her mother reveals a startling and disturbing fact: her father isn't her biological father. She's the product of artificial insemination, with sperm from a sperm bank donor who remained anonymous. Her world has come completely unhinged.

Meanwhile, her academic career doesn't take a break for her emotional upheaval. An Oxford professor, Marcus Bahur, is currently a visiting professor at Washington University, and offers Alexandra (Lex) a position on his upcoming excavation in Egypt. She doesn't just blindly leap at the chance; she wants to be sure she can afford to make the commitment--but Bahur has made sure she has no reason to refuse.

And as events unfold, we realize that her mysterious family history, and Marcus Bahur, the rest of his team, and the excavation in Egypt are tightly connected. Nor are those "dreams" just dreams. Lex is descended from people, not quite human, who have amazing powers--some of which she has already started to manifest.

Oh, and the fate of the world is at stake, depending on how fast she can master her powers, and what choices she makes when she meets her real father.

This is the first book of a trilogy, and so not everything can be wrapped up in this book. There is, however, a satisfying conclusion to some major plot threads.

I liked Lex, though sometimes I really wanted to shake her. Marcus is harder to like, though Lex does stand up to him and he gets better over the course of the story. There are some plot holes, and one or two things that just made me say, "No, that just doesn't work, even in a fantasy."

Still it's an engaging story, and worth a listen.

I bought this audiobook.

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