Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Changes to Email Subscription to Lis Carey's Library

 If you've been getting my new posts in your email, it's been through Feedburner, and Feedburner is not going to be doing that anymore. "Maintenance." "Changes." I frankly don't fully understand the explanation, but I have to do something else. The "something else" I've decided on is Follow.It.

Unfortunately, although I followed the steps for downloading my email subscription list from Feedburner, I apparently did it wrong, and have garbled nonsense instead of a list. Hey, I'm a librarian, not a techie.

This means that those of you who want to continue to receive my new posts via email will have to sign up again. My apologies for this, but it at least appears to be easy to do. You can see the sign up box in the upper righthand corner. Please do sign up!

Also, to make everyone's lives easier, if you can give me really simple, easy help in getting my email subscription list downloaded correctly, please do. I will be grateful.

Thanks for your patience and tolerance, all.

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