Thursday, April 22, 2021

Open House on Haunted Hill, by John Wiswell

Diabolical Plots #64A, June 2020

This is a remarkably sweet haunted house story.

133 Poisonwood Avenue has been vacant for longer than it is happy with, and when a real estate agent hosts an open house, it's really hoping that at least one family will decide they like it.

Those who come to the open house include some real duds, notably the guy who is apparently only interested in the fact that the wallpaper in one room was not applied perfectly. He's only one among those who leave with clearly no intention of making a offer.

However, there is also the widowed father and his young daughter, who is very into dinosaurs, and misses her mother. The house sets out to persuade them to stay, without scaring them off by convincing them the house is haunted.


This is a free read available on the Diabolical Plots website, and I am reviewing it voluntarily.

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