Thursday, April 1, 2021

Love at First Bark (Love Unleashed #0.5), by Dana Mentink

Harvest House Publishers, April 2017

Marcy Deveraux, having frustrated her family by refusing to commit to a career cooking and managing their family restaurant, has found a success that impresses even her parents. She's written three bestselling romantic adventure novels about the adventures of Prince Rafe. But now Rafe's story is told, and if she wants to continue her success, she has to find her next story to write.

To do this, Marcy has rented a cabin in the mountains near a campground and ranch. She's barely settled in when her attempt at developing a work routine is disrupted by a lively little dog, a scruffy little terrier. Not far behind is the man who manages the stables and the horses for the ranch, Jackson Parker. Except for being drop-dead handsome, he's very different from a stereotypical romance novel hero--quiet, thoughtful, a reader, deeply involved in the ranch/campground's summer session for special needs kids.

Jackson, the dog (soon named Charlie), and new recipes--both variations on her mother's, and new creations of her own, are seriously distracting Marcy from her obligation to write that new romance novel.

This is a lively novella, and Marcy, Jackson, and Charlie are all great characters, fun to get to know.


I received an ebook of this novella, probably for free from the author's newsletter, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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