Friday, April 16, 2021

Little Free Library, by Naomi Kritzer

Tor Books, April 2020

Meigan builds a Little Free Library to recycle books she's enjoyed but no longer wants to keep (okay, for me, this is one of the weird bits; I cling to my books.) One user in particular seems a little odd, but enjoyable. They take books, but instead of leaving other books, they leave little bits of artwork--drawings and small figurines, and once, a leaf, an actual leaf, that is almost, but not quite, a maple leaf.

Also, sometimes they leave notes.

This becomes an odd sort of friendship at a distance, with Meigan wondering which of her neighbors it is.

Things get odder and odder, as the notes reveal more of the user's life.

It is, as one can fairly confidently expect from a Naomi Kritzer story, a bit weird, and sweet. In the end, this one is a little sad.


I bought this short story.

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