Saturday, June 15, 2019

Will Travel for Trouble #7-9, by Minnie Crockwell (author, narrator)

Bess McBride, June 2019

Minnie Crockwell and her ghostly companion, Ben, are on the road again, this time headed for warmer climes as the winter months arrive. Their first stop is Tombstone Tommy's RV Park, the nicest RV park near Tombstone, Arizona.

When they head into Tombstone with Kathy Swanson, another woman staying at the RV park, they watch a "Shootout at the OK Corral" reenactment that goes horribly wrong. And everyone in the reenactment group seems to have had a possible motive for killing the reenactor who was shot with a real bullet instead of a blank.

Minnie's ex, John, continues to email her, with increasing hints that he might want to renew their relationship. Minnie is both interested, and feeling guilty, because, of course, her major problem with Ben is not that she doesn't want him in her life, but that, being a ghost, he doesn't have any physical presence.

After the disturbing events in Tombstone, Minnie is still not ready to move on from Tombstone Tommy's, but doesn't want to spend any more time in Tombstone for a while, so she and Ben shift their sightseeing to Cochise Stronghold, last refuge and probable burial place of the Apache chief Cochise. It's a popular location for hiking and camping now, and of course, Minnie being Minnie, in the course of their hiking, she and Ben find a dead body. Minnie learns more than she perhaps wanted about the use of bows and arrows, also learn something about poaching, and Ben manages a more physical manifestation than he ever has previously.

Perhaps it's not surprising that after this experience, they head south, for the Alabama Gulf Coast. Minnie is able to get a spot in an RV park for just one week, because Mardi Gras is that week and one of the regulars has gone elsewhere for the week--it is of course the busy season on the Gulf Coast. Minnie likes the first few people she meets in the RV park, including Billie, the woman who manages the place.

Then she learns that Billie drinks and drives, some of the regulars regard Billie's drinking as a serious problem and want her husband, Carl, to do something about it, and then, in a peaceful late walk on the beach, Minnie finds Carl's dead body.

Even Minnie is starting to have doubts about the peripatetic lifestyle of living in her RV and traveling the country.

Minnie of course remains incurably curious, not to say nosy, about everyone connected to the deaths she keeps stumbling over, and keeps ignoring Ben's generally excellent advice. Yet she's kind, generous, and friendly, and that's a big part of why she can't leave the deaths to the police when she thinks she's in a position to learn something.

I like Minnie, I like Ben, and John seems pretty promising, too. I look forward to more of Minnie and Ben's adventures, and I confess a certain curiosity about what will happen if Ben and John are ever able to meet.

Michelle Babb remains an excellent narrator who adds extra enjoyment to every book she narrates, which of course is why I never turn down a chance to review a book she narrates.


As implied above, I received a free copy of this audiobook from the narrator, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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