Saturday, June 1, 2019

Nimona, by Noelle Stevenson (author), Rebecca Soler (narrator), Jonathan Davis (narrator), Marc Thompson (narrator)

HarperAudio, October 2016

Lord Ballister Blackheart is a villain with a grudge: He was in training to be a hero when his good friend, Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin, treacherously blasted his arm. He was deemed excess to requirements by the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics, and assigned to be a villain, while Goldenloin went on to become the beloved hero.

Blackheart used to have henchmen, but the Institution paid them off. He's never had a sidekick, so he is quite surprised when Nimona, apparently a cute young girl, shows up saying that the Institution has assigned her to be his sidekick.

It hasn't, of course, and she soon admits it. She is, though, highly motivated, and a very gifted, if impulsive, shapeshifter.

They are soon off to wreak some havoc, but along the way, they discover that something really nasty is going on.

And the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics is behind it.

Oh, and Blackheart is realizing that both Nimona's powers, and her background, are far murkier than he suspected.

What's a rules-following professional villain to do?

This is a lot of fun.

I bought this audiobook.

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