Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ayiti, by Roxane Gay (author, narrator)

Audible Studios, July 2018 (original publication October 2011)

This is a collection of short stories about Haitian women, in Haiti and in the US. It's read by the author, who has a wonderful voice--in both senses.

The background and experience behind these stories is unfamiliar to me and therefore sometimes confusing. Yet the more I listened, the more grounded I felt and more open to enjoying the next story. These are stories of life in a country and setting very different from my own, and stories of an immigrant experience both like and unlike my grandparents' immigrant experience in the first part of the 20th century. They're stories very well-told, and they drew me in.

I had no real idea what I would be getting when I picked it from Audible's "two free Audible Originals" offerings for May, but I'm glad I did.

General advice: Don't be afraid to try something from a different background. You might get a nice surprise, and you might expand the world of fiction that doesn't seem too foreign to your experience to be likely sources of enjoyment. This isn't the first time I've gotten one of those nice surprises.


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