Sunday, June 9, 2019

Shout of Honor (Adventure in the Liaden Universe #29), by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Pinbeam Books, May 2019

It's shortly after Clan Korval was evicted from Liad, and relocated to Surebleak. Reverberations are still running through inhabited space, and the Yxtrang Ambassador, Commander Vepal, stumbles across one of them on Inago Station, where a military job fair is in progress.

The hiring agent is Perdition Enterprises, who won't reveal any information at all without a signed NDA. That's not normal, and it's disturbing, but they are, without specifics, promising competitive pay and excellent profits, so quite a few have signed that NDA, and signed on to the contract.

Yet some who have done so are clearly worried.

The recruiting agents are Liaden, which might mean anything or nothing. Except Liadens can write very tricky contracts.

Vepal is worried. And when he meets up with old acquaintance JinJee Sanchez, commander of the Paladin merc troop, she's worried, too.

Meanwhile, Vepal also has his own small unit to concern himself with--Ochin Rifle, who is completely loyal, if somewhat less simple than the average Rifle, and Pilot Erthax, who is, it seems, not quite so loyal as he might be.

Vepal and JinJee have a nasty plot to untangle in not much time, and Vepal is also finding a changing relationship with JinJee Sanchez. We get to know Vepal better, and we get to learn more about the Mercs, and another part of the Liaden universe. Good characters, good plot, good world-building, as always.


I bought this book.

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