Sunday, June 23, 2019

9 Lives to Live (Magical Cool Cats #10), by Mary Matthews (author), Stephanie Quinn (narrator)

Mary Frances Matthews, September 2015

Another adventure of Grace, Jack, Tatiana, and Zeus--this time intertwined with the story of Tatiana's previous people, in her previous life.

Grace and Jack are asked to find the wife of Henry, a rich businessman whose goods in trade include one of Grace's favorite things, fashionable shoes.

Arthur and Isabella, three years earlier, are New York City street rats. They hooked up and survived for several years together with a white cat whom they called simply The Cat, who was very good at alerting them to threats and helping them to stay safe. Yet Child Services and the orphan trains can't be evaded forever.

When they reach California, Isabella and Arthur are immediately separated, Isabella to be adopted by a very nice family, and Arthur to be a laborer on a citrus farm.

These stories are connected, but Tatiana is the only one who knows how, and she's not talking. It will take Grace and Jack a while to figure it out.

This is a stronger story than Cupcake Kitty, and a lot of fun, but weaker narration. Stephanie Quinn's narration makes Isabella sound like a young child even when she's sixteen, and as a result makes some of the bad guys sound even more perverted than they're probably intended to be. This is unfortunate, and a disservice to the story.

A lot of fun, but maybe read the ebook rather than listen to the audiobook.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from the author, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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