Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Unclaimed Legacy (History Mystery #2), by Deobrah Heal (author), Michelle Babb (narrator)

Write Brain Books, August 2014 (original publication August 2012)

Abby Thomas and her tutoring student, 11-year-old Merri, are frustrated that the delightful if improbable computer program, Beautiful Homes, is currently working only in its obvious, plausible way. Only an ordinary real estate program showcasing beautiful homes in the present, alas. No tours of past lives currently available. But Merri has warmed up to Abby quite a bit, and is making real progress on her school work. In addition, Abby's friendship with John Roberts is also heating up.At least until she tells him about the advanced features of Beautiful Homes, which does make him wonder if she's crazy. But friends they remain, and he introduces her to speech therapist Lucy, who is looking for a sitter for her house and her dog, Dr. Bob, while she attends a professional conference. And Lucy, in turn, introduces her to her neighbors, elderly twins Eulah and Beulah, living in the identical house next door.
Eulah and Beulah are researching their family genealogy, and while they've got a lot on their mother's side, the Smith family, they have very little on their father's side, the Edwards family. It's pretty much a dead stop with their grandfather, and the only living relative on that side is their cousin Priscilla, who is now in hospice care.

Abby offers her research skills, which gets them a little further, but of course, the real bonus is that, in Lucy's house and in the twins' identical house next door, the Beautiful Homes program is working again. They can't see any more about Charlotte's life in Lincoln's time. They can, however, see crucial past lives of the Edwards family--most crucially, as it turns out, the Buchanan family.

It's a fascinating story, a chance to right an historical wrong, and give Eulah and Beulah something they've always wanted.

The Beautiful Homes program and its ability to show past lives, rather capriciously, of course doesn't make any sense. No explanation, either magical or science-fictional, is attempted. I recommend not worrying about it. Just run with it. Really. It's a lot of fun, and these re good people being good to each other, with just enough tension and risk to keep it interesting. I'm growing to love this series.


I received a free copy of this audiobook from the narrator, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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