Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sweet, Thoughtful Valentine (Isabel Dalhousie #10.7), by Alexander McCall Smith

Vintage, May 2016

Isabel Dalhousie is selecting the perfect Valentine's gift for Jamie when she encounters an old school acquaintance who wants to show her a painting on view at a nearby auction house. The school acquaintance, Roz, has run into some money difficulties, and believes she's identified the painting as misidentified and by a far more important artist than listed. Roz hopes to repair her fortunes by picking up the picture for a song and reselling it much closer to its true value.

Isabel promises to keep quiet, but has misgivings. A promise is a promise, though, so...

Then she discovers that the seller is an old friend whose mother is in a nursing home and whose financial reversals have been far more serious.

As is typical for an Isabel Dalhousie story, this is a story of thought and reflection, not action. Isabel chews over the problem in her own way, while also listening to and considering Jamie's far more direct, straightforward approach to the moral and ethical problem.

I like these characters and enjoy their musings and struggles of the mind. However, these are not the stories to pick up for action and quick-moving stories.

Highly recommended, but for those looking for a thoughtful rather than an exciting read.

I bought this story.

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