Monday, September 18, 2017

A Strange Scottish Shore, by Julianna Gray

Berkley Publishing Group, ISBN 9780698176492, September 2017

Emmaline Truelove, Lord Silverton, and their friend Max Haywood, now the Duke of Olympia, are once again seeking the answers to the strange events in Greece last year. No longer the Duke's secretary, Truelove is now the
Director of the Haywood Institute, created to be the organizing force in the Duke's research into history, archaeology, and anachronisms--and last year's events, recounted in A Most Extraordinary Pursuit, are currently a major focus.

And a puzzling adversary, a ginger-haired man who seems determined to stop something the new Duke of Olympia will do at some point in the future, is becoming ever more dangerous.

Silverton disappears--just disappears--while he and Truelove are traveling north to meet up with the Duke, who is meeting a possible new Duchess. In Scotland, at the castle of Thurso, Truelove and the Max negotiate tricky social waters created by the rumors they are lovers, and also the puzzling reasons for the ginger-haired man's pursuit.

They do figure out that Max has some ability, apparently, to move people through time, something made even more dangerous than it sounds because Max doesn't yet understand it or have full control of it.

Things get much more dangerous when the ginger-haired man arrives at Thurso, with his own plans.

It's exciting, intriguing, and ever more dangerous, especially when Truelove finds Silverton again--in the Orkney Isles in the early 1300s. Unable to reconnect with Max to return to their own time, they make a life there, unencumbered by the sharp difference in their social standing in 1906 Britain.

But time isn't done playing games with them, and they are confronted by more mysteries, the "selkie legend," and both local threats and the reappearance of the ginger-haired man, still pursuing a goal they don't understand at all, but which they apparently stand in the way of.

It's a lot of fun, both exciting and intriguing. There's a satisfying conclusion to some major plot threads here, but there's clearly another book coming, also.


I received a free electronic galley of this book from the publisher via, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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