Monday, September 11, 2017

A Perfect Plan (Wiltshire Chronicles #1), by Alyssa Drake

Dream Big Publishing, May 2016

Ten years ago, Lord Matthew Hastings died, in odd circumstances, but the doctor determined it to be natural causes. Shortly thereafter, his wife also dies, leaving his children as orphans.

The son and heir, Edward, marries, has three daughters, and eight years later, leaves on a trip to France for business reasons.

He does not return. His fate is unknown, but he is ruled to be dead.

Two years later, his widow, Wilhelmina, reluctantly decides it is time for her to remarry, and for Edward's younger sister, Samantha, now twenty, to also marry.

What they don't know is that Lord Matthew Hastings was murdered, and his killer is still seeking the thing he believes Matthew cheated him out of. The entire Hastings family is in danger from someone they trust.

There's a real if not very challenging mystery, and a romance that is convincing if a bit more explicit than readers might expect in a Regency. The characters are likable and engaging.

Unfortunately, while some plot threads are resolved in this book, it basically ends in a huge cliffhanger, and volume two, An Imperfect Engagement, originally scheduled for spring 2017, appears not to be out yet. (Note: I'd love to learn I'm wrong about this. Please feel free to correct me!)

Because of that concern, recommended with reservations.

I received a free electronic review copy of this book and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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