Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Distant View of Everything (Isabel Dalhousie), )by Alexander McCall Smith (author), Davina Porter (narrator)

Recorded Books, July 2017

Isabel and Jamie have a new baby, another boy, named Magnus. They and their housekeeper, Grace, are thrilled. Their older boy, Charlie, not so much. He's certain he can come up with good arguments for excluding Magnus from the family!

But that's just a normal parenting challenge, and they'll cope as most parents do. Bigger puzzles include Cat's new part-time shop-assistant, Peg, whom Cat seems unusually enthusiastic about. Where did Cat meet her? Why is she so vague about her background?

Isabel's own puzzle, brought to her by an old school friend, concerns a man whom she has introduced to a friend of hers, whom she now fears may be after the friend's money rather than true love. In fact, she has heard that he may be a man who routinely seduces women into parting with their money. This is, of course, not really Isabel's puzzle, but her school friend Bea's, but Isabel, despite Jamie's warning against getting involved where she doesn't need to, can't help taking it on when Bea brings it to her.

Meanwhile, Jamie has his own secret, that he finds difficult to share with Isabel. He's visited his doctor...

This latest entry in the series is, as always, a visit with old friends, including Brother Fox, and the further growth and working out of the relationships among Isabel, Jamie, and those closest to them. I found it, as always, altogether quietly enjoyable.


I bought this audiobook.

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