Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Belfry, by Gabriel Hardman

Image Comics, February 2017
This is a horror short story. It's graphic story with impressive artwork, but be warned some of the images are graphic in the other sense too: both nudity, and some horrific injuries shown in great detail.

A plane crashes in the jungle, and passengers and crew are at first relieved that, while there are a lot of injuries, no one is dead. Then they see the captain's injury, a substantial stick in his eye.

Yet he's not dead. He's not even unconscious. He can't remember what happened, although he thinks he could if he could remove the stick...

The passengers and crew are about to find out that the plane crash is only the beginning of their problems. Horrors exist in the jungle that have nothing to do with lions or cheetahs or any other mundane predators.

I'm not a big reader of horror, and this won't change my mind. It's quietly effective, though, and the art is excellent.

I received a free advance review copy from the publisher, and I am reviewing it voluntarily.

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