Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Her Last Chance (Her #2), by Toni Anderson (author), Eric G. Dove (narrator)

Toni Anderson, January 2017

Eighteen years ago, at nine years old Josie Maxwell was the first victim of a man who became the serial killer now known as the Blade Hunter. Josie, unlike later victims, survived, but this wasn't the only event in her life that taught her it's a struggle for survival.

Six months ago, Josie nearly died at the hands of another killer, and drugged and betrayed FBI Special Agent in Charge Marshall Hayes to protect the hiding place of her friend.

Now the Blade Hunter is back, and he's found Josie again. This time, he's determined to finish the job he started eighteen years ago. The only person who's going to put the pieces together fast enough is Marshall Hayes, the man she betrayed.

I like the fact that both Josie and Marsh are portrayed as strong, smart, and determined. They each have real weaknesses and make real screw-ups. They each find vital pieces of the puzzle.

And they each struggle with some painful personal history and complicated personal relationships.

It's a good, fast-paced story that doesn't treat either the reader (or listener) or any of the characters like idiots.


I may have received this as a review copy. I'm reviewing it voluntarily.

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