Thursday, March 9, 2017

Shadow of Doubt (Detective Jason Strong #15), by John C. Dalglish (author), Bill Burrows (narrator)

John C. Dalglish, February 2017

Jason Strong is working with a new, he hopes temporary partner, Diana Torres. It's not that he has any objection to Torres; she's a good cop, and a good detective. But the reason for the change is that Vanessa Lane is on suspension, awaiting a disciplinary hearing after she struck a suspect in a previous case.

But things are about to get much, much worse, because Strong and Torres are called to the scene of a homicide, and the dead man is Lane's husband.

He and Lane had argued earlier, and he had asked her for a divorce.

Strong and Torres have to sort through the evidence, with Torres taking the lead, because Strong is too close to the case. Meanwhile, a very persistent, oddly hostile reporter, who apparently has some kind of a past with Lane, is on their backs every step of the way.

It's tightly plotted, with well-developed characters, and I'm confident this series can be read out of order because, as it happens, I'm doing that. There's enough backstory so new readers are not lost, and we are given enough basis to care about the characters.


I received a free copy of this audiobook, and I am reviewing it voluntarily.

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