Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ghostnip, by G.B. Brulte

December 2016

Franny is at home on a Saturday morning, eating ice cream and lamenting her lack of a romantic life, when a handsome photographer rings her doorbell and asks if he can take pictures of her cat.

Her half-Bengal, half-Savannah cat. Twenty-two pounds of handsome cat.

It's the start of a silly but fun story, in which pictures of the cat unexpectedly include pictures of ghosts who previously owned the furniture used. Franny and Jason (the handsome photographer), first see a little girl in "old-timey" clothes, whom they call Alice.

Alice is the first, but far from the last, and they are even more intrigued when they realize the cat and the ghosts are able to interact.

In many ways, Jason is just too perfect. He's not only a successful photographer. He also sings, and plays the piano, and cooks. It's all a bit much. Franny is nice, Jason is nice, the cat is nice, pretty much everyone they know is nice. I like having characters who are good people in the fiction I read, but this lack of any real conflict is not a strength in fiction.

And yet, Brulte does go somewhere interesting with the ghost photography, and while not a very strong story, it is fun.

Recommended for a light read.

I think this book was a gift. I am reviewing it voluntarily.

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