Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fledgling (Theo Waitley #1) (LiadenUniverse #12), by Sharon Lee (author), Steve Miller (author), Eileen Stevens (narrator)

Audible Frontiers, September 2012 (original publication September 2009)

This is a palate cleanser for all the Hugo reading I've been doing lately.

Theo Waitley is the adolescent daughter of Kamele Waitley, a professor at Delgado University. All her life, they've lived in the home of the man she calls Father, Professor Jen Sar Kiladi, her mother's onagrata. Suddenly Kamele moves herself and Theo back to The Wall, where most of the university faculty and staff live, and Theo's life changes dramatically, and not in ways she likes. It gets worse when her mother announces that she's making a trip offworld to investigate an academic scandal--and she's taking Theo with her.

Theo would much prefer to return to Professor Kiladi's home for the duration.

On the same offworld trip, Theo and Kamele have very different adventures that push them both to grow in new directions. Meanwhile, Jen Sar Kiladi is not having a quiet interlude, but rather tackling another part of the same scandal Kamele is pursuing.

This book is fun. Theo's enormously engaging, and Kamele, who seems off-putting at first, grows more and more likable as more and more of her is revealed to the reader. This is a find coming of age space adventure.


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