Monday, June 8, 2015

Best Fan Artist--Brad W. Foster, Elizabeth Leggett, Ninni Aalto, Spring Schoenhuth, Steve Stiles

Now I venture into a category where I would not ordinarily post anything even vaguely resembling a review. In the visual arts, I don't feel qualified to do much more than say what I do and don't like. That said...

Looking at the samples in the Hugo Voters' Packet.

Spring Shoenhuth: I see two lovely selections of jewelry, and an image to which my initial reaction was "What the heck?" On further examination, the "What the heck?" image was produced for Loncon 3, for the Retro Hugos, and I think I'd like it much better at its original size. And of the three, it's the one that best fits my perhaps limited ideas of "fan art."

Ninni Aalto: Two fantastical caricatures that are definitely "fan art." They look to be quite skilled, and, for me, sadly, they just don't do it. I expect the reaction to that statement, from many, will be variations of "Why NOT?" No defensible reason; they just don't.

Elizabeth Leggett: Three truly lovely images. I just don't see what makes them "fan art," specifically, though.

Brad W. Foster: Three images, unambiguously fan art, and I like them.

Steve Stiles: Three images, unambiguously fan art. And I love them. I just really have fun looking at them. They make me smile.

And there you have it. Remember, in this category, I didn't promise anything more informative than my own personal, not-visual-arts-educated, entirely subjective opinion.

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