Monday, September 28, 2020

Why Evolution is True, by Jerry A. Coyne (author), Victor Bevine (narrator)

Audible Studios, September 2009 (original publication 2008)

This is a pretty good, and comprehensive, discussion of the evidence for evolution, in ways we don't always get it in reports of the latest new findings and the conclusions that scientists have reached.

Coyne's goal is to explain, clearly and thoroughly, how we know evolution is real and factual, and amply supported by solid scientific evidence. It's not "a theory" in the popular sense of that word.

How bacteria demonstrate evolution, the ways we can demonstrate evolution in plants, animals, and humans, are discussed. The evolution of the "camera eye" of modern mammals, including ourselves, from simpler, earlier structures, a thing Creationists and Intelligent Design advocates (the current incarnation of Creationism trying to force its way into science classrooms) have long insisted is impossible and therefore proof of an Intelligent Designer, is explained clearly and directly.

There is much, much more, and it's mostly very good.

I did have a few hiccups along the way, until I finally checked the original publication date. Original publication date 2008, twelve years ago! Of course it doesn't include everything we've learned in the last decade, and therefore has a few things "wrong." Not Coyne's fault!

It's still a good listen, and a clear, comprehensive presentation of the evidence, even if it was published twelve years ago, not two. (Always double-check those dates, if having misread the date wrong initially is going to bother you, the way it bothers me.)


I bought this audiobook.

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