Monday, October 21, 2019

Understanding Complexity, by Scott E. Page (author, narrator)

The Great Courses, March 2019

This is a set of interesting, entertaining, informative lectures on the science of complexity.

Much of the world we live in consists of complex systems, inherently changing, always in motion, or, as the author says, "dancing." They can't be controlled, but if we take the time to understand them, we can influence them. Properly applied, this could help prevent financial crashes, or prevent or contain epidemic. It can help design buildings better designed to enable people to evacuate safely in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Those are just the most obvious examples.

Page approaches the subject from a number of different angles. This is an introduction for an educated layperson like myself, not an in-depth course for those already familiar with the subject. I found it interesting, enjoyable, and informative all the way through, and am glad I listened to it.


I bought this audiobook.

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