Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Circle is Closed (Progeny #2)

Ray Jay Perreault,February 2016

Humanity managed to completely wreck Earth's environment, making it unfit for human survival. With no other real choices, a surviving remnant of the human race set out for a distant system where they seem to have a good chance of finding a habitable planet--and they succeed.

It's a very good planet, and they've learned their lesson, and have treated it well. But it's not Earth. Even after the multigenerational trip to the planet they call Horizon, and more than a thousand years there, they still feel committed to returning home to Earth,  to see if it has recovered, in the hope of resettling it.

That's the background. This short story is about the first trip back to Earth after they develop a usable FTL drive, and the surprise they get when they arrive. It's a half-hour listen, and it's enjoyable and interesting.


I bought this audio short story.

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