Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Carnival Row: Tangle in the Dark, by Stephanie K. Smith (author), Karla Crome (narrator)

Audible Original, October 2019

Tourmaline Larou is a student, an aspiring poet, and moderately well-connected. Her future looks promising, if not exactly brilliant, and she lives a pleasant life of studying by day and partying by night.

Then Vignette Stonemoss arrives, her new roommate. She's from a completely different background from Tourmaline and her friends--from the provinces, not the capital. The provincials are normally figures of fun to the elite that Tourmaline is at least on the fringes of.

Vignette upends both her emotional and her intellectual life. Both love and her creative juices are unleashed. Yet while love and poetry blossom, the world is darkening. War, crisis, and occupation arrive. The world of the fae is suddenly occupied by human soldiers.

Tourmaline is now juggling love, a rising career as a poet--which is far more politically significant among the fae than one might suspect at first glance--and growing political tension and the dangers of the occupation. It strains her relationship with Vignette, her relationships with her friends, and ultimately her understanding of herself.

This is an engrossing novella, connected to the Carnival Row Amazon Prime series, but I didn't find that unfamiliarity with the Amazon Prime series made it difficult to follow. There is adult content--straight and gay sex, prostitution, and rape--that some listeners might prefer to avoid.


I received this audiobook as an Audible Original free offering, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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