Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Case of the Pretty Lady (Inspector Graham #6), by Alison Golden

Alison Golden, May 2019

Inspector David Graham and Gorey's new librarian, Laura, are attempting to date, but his job keeps getting in the way. With a hurricane bearing down on Jersey, he's called away from dinner at Laura's house by the need to rescue an elderly couple refusing to evacuate their very exposed home.

After the storm, the body of a missing marine scientist washes up on the beach, and he wasn't a drowning victim. Someone bashed him on the head, and he was dead when he went into the water. There isn't a lack of suspects. Indeed, there's an excess of them.

He had an argument with his research partner & girlfriend right before going out on his boat, and their relationship has been increasingly tense. An environmental activist regards the researchers as a threat because he thinks even fairly passive research places the marine life at greater risk. The local fishermen, already affected by conflicts with French fishermen, declining fish stocks, and reductions in catch limits, are deeply suspicious that the research will only bring more restrictions.

When one of the local fishermen goes missing while looking for the dead scientist's boat, it adds to the mystery.

Meanwhile, Gorey's own internet gossip columnist, Freddy Solomon, is convinced there is Scandal to be found, not just in the death, but in Graham's investigation of it, because obviously he's doing it wrong, right? Oh, and Mrs Taylor, innkeeper of the White House Inn, is being harassed by a poltergeist. Or something. She's sure it's a poltergeist.

All our old friends are back, and they continue to make progress in their lives. Sgt. Janice Harding is moving forward both professionally and in her personal life. Constable Barry Barnwell is losing weight, getting fit, and gaining confidence. Sgt. Roach is getting forensic training from the local medical examiner, and taking courses on the mainland.

And David and Laura keep trying, no matter how often his job interrupts their dates.

It's an enjoyable and interesting story, a good addition to the series.

I received a free electronic galley of this book, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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