Thursday, May 23, 2019

STET, by Sarah Gailey

Fireside Quarterly, February 2018

STET is in the form of a scientific paper interspersed with editorial suggestions from the journal editor, to remove or modify content they consider inappropriate. To each of these, the author responds, "STET," i.e., leave it as is.

It's about the reliability and trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence as drivers of self-driving cars. When a crash can't be avoided, which lives are to be valued more highly? Who lives and who dies?

Over the course of the story, we learn the background of this research for the author of the paper, and it builds to a heart-wrenching climax.


I received this story as part of the 2019 Hugo Voters Packet.


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  2. Out of everything I read in the noms, *this* got me in the feels.

    1. I can totally see that. It grabbed me, too. Problem: I'm finding nearly all the nominees I've read so for to be worthy nominees. Making final decisions is going to be a challenge.