Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Nine Last Days on Planet Earth, by Daryl Gregory

Tor Books, ISBN 9781250209450, September 2018

LT is ten the day the meteor shower hits. It's a very odd meteor shower, and the meteorites that hit ground are very, very odd.

They pop open, and the seeds of new life come out.

Earth has been invaded by a wide variety of alien plants. Not intelligent plants; just plants.

In succeeding episodes, we see LT growing to a man, becoming a scientist, finding love, and raising a family.

We see the plants mostly out-competing Earth plants, while LT and others work to understand them and find ways to control or use them. It's a struggle to save the planet and our species.

Except that something even more interesting may be going on, that humans haven't noticed yet.


I received this novelette as part of the 2019 Hugo Voters Packet.

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