Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Burial Mound (DI Tremayne #7), by Phillip Strang

Phillip Strang, April 2019

An archaeological team working on a burial mound near Stonehenge finds two bodies. Unfortunately, only one of them is several thousand years old and a deceased stone age chieftain. The other is much more recent, only dead a decade or so, and after some effort is identified as Richard Grantley, brother of Clive Grantley, Mayor of Salisbury.

Clive Grantley is a reserved, dignified, upright man, respected by all. His brother was a charming risk-taker, gambler, possibly swindler, possibly undercover operative. A user, especially of women. Richard's womanizing helped to wreck Clive's marriage.

It seems impossible to see Clive Grantley as a killer, yet he clearly had a motive--the only apparent motive, as Tremayne and Yarwood struggle to learn anything else about the elusive Richard. And Clive is clearly keeping secrets.

As they dig into the past of Clive and Richard Grantley, Tremayne and Yarwood are also coming up against the reality of their own lives. Tremayne is a very good homicide detective, and Superintendent Moulton has come to respect his old-fashioned skills, but his age and health really are catching up to him. And Jean is back in his life to stay, and she'd like to travel with him. Yarwood still mourns the loss of Harry, but she's starting to realize that not only does she not want to be alone; she might also be able to move beyond Harry and find a new kind of love and partnership with someone else. Someone who, unlike Harry, would be comfortable with her police career.

There's a good, solid mystery here, but as always with Strang, it's also a solid story of the growth and development of the characters we've come to know and care about.


I received a free electronic galley of this book from the author, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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