Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Wizards of Once (The Wizards of Once #1), by Cressida Cowell (author), David Tennant (narrator)

Hachette Audio, October 2017

Xar is a wizard boy, youngest son of the King of the wizards, and despite being thirteen years old, his magic hasn't come in yet.

Wish is a warrior girl, youngest daughter of the  Queen of the warriors, and unfortunately, clumsy and not all that interested in warrior things. She's more interested in magic, and in fact has a forbidden magic object, an enchanted spoon.

Forbidden, because ever since the wars against the witches, the warriors hate all magic and want to wipe out all magic and all magical beings.

That includes the wizards. Xar and Wish have been raised to hate each other. And one night, they each go out on separate expeditions to the Bad Woods.

Xar wants to catch a witch--even though witches are supposed to be extinct, now--and Wish wants to achieve something that will make her mother respect her. Xar and one of his friends, together with his sprites, snowcats, the magic raven assigned to advise him, and the giant, Crusher, set a trap and capture, not a witch as they, or at least Xar, hoped, but Wish, her Assistant Bodyguard, Bodkin, the magic spoon, and Wish's pony.

It's really unfortunate that Wish is being hunted by an actual witch.

The clash with the witch leads to unfortunate results. although no deaths, and even worse subsequent life choices by Xar, who may have his priorities just a tiny bit twisted round.

Xar and Wish are both smart, clever kids, with good intentions despite being a bit confused. It's easy to sympathize with their disobedience and defiance, as we meet Xar's brother, his father, his father's advisors, and Wish's mother and her advisors. This isn't an easy place to be a smart, somewhat non-conformist kid, one who has talents and interests that don't fit social expectations. Xar's raven, his sprites, and Bodkin, Wish's bodyguard (another one with talents and interests that don't match his socially assigned role) all add to the fun and interest.

A lot of fun.

I bought this audiobook.

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