Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Eve 1914, by Charles Olivier (author), Damon Herriman (narrator), Cameron Daddo (narrator), Xander Berkeley (narrator), James Scott (narrator), Lance Guest (narrator), Nate Jones (narrator), Cody Fern (narrator), John Beck (narrator), Gabe Greenspan (narrator), Heiko Obermoeller (narrator)

Audible Audio, December 2014

This short audiobook from Audible is about a British unit being rotated to the front lines just in time for Christmas Eve, 1914.

This unit has recently lost their captain, and the lieutenants are waiting for one of them to be promoted. Two are each convinced that he is the obviously correct candidate; two others are less concerned or interested. One of the ambitious ones also has a special addition to his pot of tea--one that's not illegal in 1914, but would certainly cause, at a minimum, raised eyebrows, and perhaps block promotion of an otherwise-capable officer. A new subaltern arrives, with a divine singing voice, and singing Silent Night, a cherished Christmas song of German origin, produces some misplaced hostility. The anticipated Christmas tins do not arrive, their shipping space taken by a Vickers machine gun, which will likely make this unit a particular target.

There is stress, frustration, conflict, and alarm--and that's just within the unit.

Then Germans start moving into No Man's Land, carrying...trees?

And they propose a truce, so that they can all bury their respective dead.

This isn't a long audiobook, but it culminates in one of the most magical moments of the First World War.

It's very well done. Recommended.

This was Audible's free Christmas offering to members this year.

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