Friday, December 14, 2018

The Billionaire Scrooge (DC Billionaires #2), by Eliza Ellis

Eliza Ellis, December 2018

Fredericka Jones is about to break ground on the shelter for single mothers and their children that she promised her own mother, before her death, she would open. Then Charles Larenski swoops in, derailing her permits with shady methods and a plan to build a big, luxury hotel.

Freddie and Charles went to high school together. He was a top jock at their privileged private school. Freddie was a hardworking, nerdy student determined to justify every penny her hardworking mother was spending on sending her there to give Freddie a better start in life than her mother had.

Charles made sure the whole school called her Freaky Freddie.

But Freddie has university degrees, her own charitable foundation, and drop-dead gorgeous looks, now. When she shows up in his office hoping that she can make him understand that the shelter is important, he's not going to change his mind, but does think it's worth seducing her to try to change hers.

Freddie's good friend and VP of her foundation thinks that, on the contrary, Freddie should seduce Charles to change his mind.

Charles's good friend, Roger, whose family is deep in the Irish mafia, thinks Charles is being too ethical about the whole thing. Charles, of course, has always been open and above-board in his business dealings, except for the awkward fact that he continues to employ Roger despite knowing that he steers some of the contracts to his mafia buddies.

I haven't said enough about Max, but really, he's not much better than Charles, even if his creep details are different.

Basically, Freddie is the only decent person in the book. By the time Charles, Roger, and Max get their redemptions, I didn't care. This is quite decently written, and some will enjoy it, but I found it be be great disappointment after The Billionaire Bodyguard. Seriously, go read that instead.You can find it here.

I received a free electronic galley of this book from the author, and I am reviewing it voluntarily.

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