Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Captive on the Fens (DI Nikki Galena #6), by Joy Ellis (author), Henrietta Meire (narrator)

Tantor Audio, September 2017

DS Jospeh Easter's daughter, Tamsin, is about to marry Niles, a young detective constable with the Greenborough police force. Freddie Carver, a vicious criminal boss formerly based in London and more recently hanging out in Spain, is apparently in Greenborough and planning to stay. Joseph and DI Nikki Galena are determined to  catch him before he becomes a fixture in their district. Two dead young women have turned up, both apparently held prisoner and tortured for some time before being killed and dumped.

And because their lives aren't exciting enough yet, a young man storms into the station demanding that finally, once and for all, they find his missing twin sister, who is believed to have simply run off, which is the right of any adult to do. He's certain she didn't, and is in danger.

There's a lot going on here, and some outstanding plot threads from previous books get more attention here. There are dangerous signs that hardnosed Nikki might be mellowing a tiny bit, duty takes Cat into Derbyshire, where she meets a detective sergeant she might have a future with. Joseph's ex-wife arrives in town for the upcoming wedding, and might be a source of future trouble. Nikki's biological mother, on the other hand, may be turning into a real asset.

The plot is excellent as always, but, also as always, the real reward here is the ongoing development of the characters as they continue to live their lives while doing their challenging and dangerous jobs.


I bought this audiobook.

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