Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Liaden Universe Constellation, Vol. 1, by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Baen Books, December 2013

This is a larger collection of Liaden Universe shorter fiction. Some of the stories here I've read and reviewed in the earlier chapbooks, but some were new to me. Daav is, as a result of his very courtesy to the young daughter of a clan allied with Korval, is backed into a corner where he can't avoid a duel with that clan's heir. He can't avoid it; he can't kill the other clan's heir. He finds his solution in a very clever choice of weapons.

We also get the story, which I've wondered about, of how Ren Zel came to be expelled from his clan.

Pat Rin has a really unsettling encounter with a rug when he's helping out Luken by cataloging rugs from a house the clan is closing, one scout finds a doomsday weapon, and another is stranded on a world that ought to be interdicted because of its low technology--but he crashed due to a storm in space, and he has to survive. That means going native--and that means forming ties that will be hard to break if rescue ever arrives.

There's more, and it's all good, and interesting, and illuminates more of the Liaden Universe.


I bought this book.

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