Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Wrong Bride:A Christmas Mail Order Bride Romance (Brides & Twins #3), by Natalie Dean & Eveline Hart

Natalie Dean, Eveline Hart, December 2017 decide

Encouraged by his brother Zachary's experience in marrying mail-order bride Bonnie Yankovich, Will Henry Kennesaw asks if her sister, Elzbieta, would be willing to come west and marry him. She agrees, and when the great day arrives, he, his brother Zachary, and sister-in-law Bonnie, are in town to meet the stagecoach bringing in...
Bonnieand  Elzbieta's younger sister, Kasia.

Who is pregnant.

Kasia was working as a maid in a wealthy family's home, and was seduced by the son of the house. He promised he'd marry her, but of course his parents fired her and sent their son off the Europe.

The sisters' mother is outraged and humiliated, and furious with her daughter. She decides that Kasia will take Elzbieta's place in Texas, to save the family the public disgrace of a bastard child. Never mind what either Kasia or Elzbieta want, and the prospective bridegroom's wishes weren't a consideration at all.

Will Henry, Kasia, Bonnie, and Zachary, not to mention the brothers' grandmother, Eldora Kennesaw, all have adjustments and decisions to make. Willher Henry says he won't accept a woman carrying another man's child, and Kasia can't imagine loving anyone but beloved Hayes, who meekly followed his parents' orders to go to Europe, and her mother has convinced her that if she doesn't marry before the baby is born, both she and her baby will burn in hell.

Fortunately, everyone, including Will Henry, agree that as Bonnie's sister she's part of the Kennesaw family now, but what will happen?

Again, I like these people, and it's fun, light romance.

I bought this book.

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