Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Surprise Love:Mail Order Bride (Brides & Twins #4), by Natalie Dean

Natalie Dean, March 2018

Elzbieta Yankovich, the oldest unmarried Yankovich sister, was cheated of her chance at a marriage away from the Pennsylvania mines, when her sister Kasia got pregnant and their mother sent her to Texas, instead, to spare the family scandal and shame. Very much wanting a family of her own, Elzbieta is discouraged and unhappy, and considering becoming a nun, instead.

Then her sister Bonnie writes to her from Mesquite. Lincoln Duffy, something of a thorn in her side when she first arrived, has turned himself around. He's now the foreman on the Turner ranch, and has fixed up the foreman's cottage to be a comfortable home, even making a good garden for it. He's ready for a wife, and he's impressed by the two Yankovich sisters who have married into the Kennesaw household. He remembers that they have another unmarried sister, the one who was supposed to marry Will Henry, before Kasia was sent in her place.

Elzbieta decides that this is her chance.

Yet for all she planned for the hardships of traveling west, she didn't plan for her brother, a union organizer, to need to flee at the same time, and for the union to give the two of them tickets, false names, and a new route, so that Nacek can get to Chicago. Or for there to be a train robbery, which winds up temporarily stranding her in Oklahoma.

Or for meeting there, in the boarding house where she waits to talk to the sheriff and to the railroad authorities, a man with a broken leg, waiting for it to heal.

I'll say right out that the reader knows more about what's going on than Elzbieta or the man with the broken leg. They are both sincere, honest people, who want to do the right thing and keep their commitments. This is another enjoyable, light romance, fun to read, with likable characters.

I bought this book.

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