Monday, July 30, 2018

The Haunting of Hattie Hastings (Part 3), by Audrey Davis

Audrey Davis, July 2018

Again, this is part three, and you really want to read parts one and two first.

Hattie, Gary, and Cat are still working out what Gary's return means, but it's clear, also, that Gary's time as a visiting ghost is coming to an end. Hattie and Gary have managed to complete the errand the child ghost, Marty, asked of Gary, but there's still another, unfinished task, and even Gary's so-called spirit guide, Clarence, can't tell him what it is.

Cat is, of course, making a mess of her life, getting involved with her ex-husband, Stewart, again. Hattie has dated a couple of men, both of them complete losers, and she's worried that Gary's old friend, Barry, is getting the wrong idea from her friendliness.

And of course, Hattie's mom, Rachel, has pancreatic cancer.

The unexpected bright spot in this is that Gary and Hattie's son, Johnny, has met a genuinely nice girl, and is doing well in his job.

There's a lot here for Gary and Hattie to get sorted out, before Gary fades out completely.

These are really likable people, and if you've read the two previous installments, by this time you really care what happens to them. There is excitement, there is tension, and there is a feel-good ending ahead.



I received a free electronic galley from the author, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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