Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dear Sarah, by Nancy Kress

Solaris, September 2017 (in Infinity Wars:Infinity Project #6)

Aliens arrived, and they came bearing environmentally safe energy, and robots that do what was left of factory work. No mine work, no factory work, and the wonderful partnership with the Lickinites is profitable for those higher up the economic food chain, but devastating for those at the bottom.

There is, consequently, resistance, armed resistance, terrorist resistance.

MaryJo's family is struggling to survive, and they hate the "Likkies," and they are very unhappy with her when she decides that the thing to do is to do what her father and grandfather did in earlier hard times: enlist in the army.

This is a really excellent look at one soldier living with conflicted values and feelings, and having to make some very hard decisions. There's not much more that I want to say that wouldn't be spoilers.

So, just read it.

I bought the anthology containing this story.

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