Monday, August 14, 2017

Replay, by Ken Grimwood (author), William Dufris (narrator)

Tantor Audio, December 2008 (original publication 1986)

Jeff Winston, 43 years old, dies suddenly of a heart attack, in October 1988.

Then he wakes up, in 1963, eighteen years old and a freshman in college.

With all his memories of his previous life intact.

He's got it all to do over again, except that this time he can do it right. He can amass all the wealth, fame, and success he missed out on the first time around.

But his death happens again, on the same date, and he has a third chance. And a fourth. What's going on? Why is this happening? And is Jeff all alone, or are there others like him?

New readers of Replay are likely to think of the 1993 Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day, but Replay precedes it by almost a decade, and Jeff Winston has to relive more than just one day, with far bigger lessons to learn than how not to be a jerk.

Over the course of the repeating cycle of the last twenty-five years of his life, Jeff explores the limits of how much control we really have of our lives and of events around us. Can he change major historical events he knows are coming? Can he build a better relationship with his wife--or a worse one? Does he need to marry the same woman at all?

It's a fascinating exploration of free will, destiny, and how to build meaning in your life.

Highly recommended.

I bought this audiobook.

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