Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Denver Homicide (The City Murders #5), by John C. Dalglish (author), Richard McVicar (narrator)

John C. Dalglish, August 2017

Denver homicide detectives Kate Walker and her young partner Tanner Austin , are called to the scene of a murder. An airline pilot has arrived home from his Las Vegas flight on Easter Sunday, to find that his wife has been shot to death.

His wife had had an affair, so that's a possible motive for the husband, always the most obvious suspect. The lover, though, is also an obvious suspect, and he seems to be a bit of a creep.

Then they get called to another murder, and the M.O. is identical.

The first victim, Carol Hampton, was an artist, and was on the advisory board of the Denver Art Museum, after having started there as a docent. The second victim, Mariel, was also a docent at the museum, and they had both worked closely with the same curator, Todd Palmer.

(I'll take a moment here to note that I listened to the audiobook, and have included only the names whose spelling I'm confident about. Let's also note that "confident" does not necessarily mean "correct." Please do point out errors and omissions if you have correct spellings.)

Todd Palmer has connections to both victims. Unfortunately, so does Carol's lover, Ken Blackwell, an artist and art professor, and another docent, Angel.

And none of these guys comes across as too nice to be a suspect.

This is a fairly tight police procedural, and has solid character development for the detectives. It's absorbing to hold your attention for its length--closer to novella than novel--and all the odds are against it in this particular "one book per city" series, I'd like to get to know Walker and Austin better.


I received a free copy of this audiobook, and am reviewing it voluntarily. 

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