Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Unstoppable, by Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

April 2017

Maureen is working, not very happily, at Telco in Hoboken, NJ, when her boyfriend Phil, who also works at Telco, dumps her.

She's determined to shed her Mousy Maureen image, and make herself over into Magnificent Mo. With some help from her best friends, Sally and Claire, she gets herself set to go into the office Monday morning. She'll confront her boss (and Claire's significant other), Satish, and demand a better assignment.

But before her meeting with Satish, she overhears secretaries talking int the ladies' room, and becomes convinced he's going to demote her, assign her to be scretary for the hated Ron. So she goes to Satish and, after a few minutes of talking at cross-purposes, she quits.

Magnificent Mo has no job, and she still feels like Mousy Maureen. Sally sets up a dinner in which the goal is that Maureen will meet Brad, an art collector who's a client of her boyfriend Tod. Brad is obviously a catch, right?

And it's not long before Maureen is flying south to the Bahamas to spend a two-week vacation on Brad's yacht which apparently isn't really Brad's. There's Brad and his questionable business associates. There's the "junior captain" who's angry about something. There's the "boat guy" who seems to have a lot to say about the boat, and Ginny, deckhand and the boat guy's niece. There's the yacht's cook, who seem to think "the boss" is someone other than either the captain, or who Brad thinks is the owner of the yacht

All this is before Satish's younger sister Satish shows up with a friend who is not setting an example of good judgment and restraint.

It's all a little silly, but it's sweet, too, and Maureen finds her way through the Scylla and Charybdis of Mousy Maureen and the fake "Magnificent Mo" to find her true self. The "boat guy" has to find his true self, too. Overall, it's light and fun, an enjoyable if not very deep read..

I received a free electronic galley of this book from the publisher, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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