Friday, April 21, 2017

Peete and Repeat (Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries #3), by Karen Musser Nortman (author), Michelle Babb (narrator)

Karen Nortman, August 2016

Frannie Shoemaker and her friends are off on another campground adventure, and this one features a pair of adult identical twins, who still dress identically and even move in unison much of the time.

The conflict between them is not apparent until an old flame of one of the women walks into the pie shop where Frannie and friends have been noticing the twins eating with movements uncannily like synchronized swimmers. One woman is sad, the other is angry, and the man is very, very confused.

The friends are puzzled, but it's not their business, and there's no reason for them to go prying. The rumors of a meth lab in the area, and the rundown camper on a property adjoining the campground that looks like a candidate for the rumored meth lab, are much more concerning.

At least, that's the case until the twins turn up dead, clearly murdered.

Of course, the friends, especially Frannie and, though he doesn't want to admit it, her husband, retired cop Larry, can't just sit back and leave the entire investigation to the local police. Especially not since Frannie and Donna were the ones who discovered the bodies.

This is a story about mature characters with their quirks and foibles, characters who, three books into the series, are learning more about themselves and each other. They're smart, but smart doesn't always mean sensible, and they do make mistakes. I like that Frannie in particular, our main viewpoint character, is learning from experience over the course of the books without changing who she is as a person. It's an enjoyable, fairly light, clean mystery, where most of the characters are decent people with good intentions even when they get things wrong.

As always, Michelle Babb's narration is excellent.


I bought this audiobook.

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