Monday, April 17, 2017

Crash & Burn (Tessa Leoni #3), by Lisa Gardner (author), Christina Traister (narrator), Mikael Naramore (narrator)

Brilliance Audio, February 2015

A woman wakes up in a hospital, injured, and has amnesia. They tell her that her name is Nicole Frank. There's a man whom they tell her is her husband, Thomas Frank. She crashed her car off a steep embankment, and she crawled out of her car, and climbed the embankment, looking for a little girl, Vero.

Some of this is true.

Nikki Frank has just had her third concussion in six months, and her memory is at best unreliable, while images that might be memories from the past keep surfacing. Her husband wants her to move on, forget the questions about the past, and build their new life together. Police detectives Wyatt Foster and Kevin Santos suspects her accidents aren't accidents, and Thomas is an abusive husband.

But as Nikki's memory returns, in bits and pieces, she's not letting the questions go, and she's not talking to anyone about why. Not to Thomas. Not to Foster and Santos. And not to Tessa Leoni, the investigator she hired over Thomas's objections, and who called her on the evening before her crash, the phone call that sent her racing out into the rainy night to her crash.

We gradually get to know Nikki Frank, and slowly discover just how complicated her relationship with Thomas Frank, and her own past, is. Who is Vero? Is she Nikki's lost child? An imaginary friend? Something more sinister? Where did Nikki and Thomas really meet, and what are their real names?

Meanwhile, Wyatt Foster and Tessa Leoni are having issues in their own relationship, and Wyatt isn't sure what they are, because Tessa isn't talking, either. She's gotten some potentially alarming news from Boston P.D. detective D.D. Warren. Can their relationship survive?

The character development of both the new characters and the ongoing ones is well done and satisfying, and Gardner keeps us guessing about what's really going on with the Franks right to the very end.

Very satisfying! Highly recommended.

I bought this audiobook.

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