Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nobody's Child (Georgia Davis, Book 4), by Libby Fischer Hellmann (author), Beth Richmond (narrator)

Red Herring Press, August 2014

Georgia Davis, former cop, now private investigator, gets an odd "no one there" phone call while investigating a flash mob store robbery. Shortly thereafter, she gets a note in the mail, written on a deli food wrapper, that claims to be from her half sister Savannah, saying that she's in Chicago and pregnant, and will Georgia please find her?

Georgia didn't know she had a half sister. She hasn't heard from her mother since JoBeth left her father when she was a child.

And so begins a frightening journey through sex trafficking, baby selling, organ selling, and the Russian mob.

In alternating chapters, we get Georgia's viewpoint as she searches for her unknown sister, and Savannah's, starting months earlier, as her relationship with her mother breaks down, she runs away intending to find Georgia, and stumbles into the grip of Russian criminals. This is the fourth book in the series, so there's some back story I didn't have, but there's enough included that I wasn't left puzzled or confused. Georgia is a complicated person with some serious issues, but a solid, decent character underneath. While looking for her sister, she's working through her own issues, and learning some things she didn't necessarily want to know about herself and why previous relationships didn't last.

We get to know Georgia. We get to know Savannah. And we get to know some scary things going on in the darker corners of the criminal underworld.

I like Georgia and her sister. There's a good plot that moves well, and good character development. I suspect it would be even better if, as intended, I'd read the earlier books, but now I'm definitely interested in doing so.


I received this book as a gift from the author.

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