Thursday, May 21, 2015

Amanda S. Green Fanwriter Samples

My latest venture into reading the Hugo voters' packet. Another Puppy nominee.

The sample provided is sixteen pages, several different selections of Green's fanwriting. Except that they are not all different. One selection, the last, four pages long, is a fairly straightforward piece of fanwriting on the subject of worldbuilding, tropes, and keeping your characters consistent even while letting them grow.

The other twelve pages are equally straightforward spewing of hate at SJWs (social justice warriors), GHHs (glittery hoo hahs) and pretty much anyone a bit to the left of Attila the Hun. There is no interest or willingness to engage with anyone with whom she disagrees, or even to extend the most basic of respect to fellow human beings. If she disagrees with you, she must also make clear that she disrespects you.

A complete waste. This has no place on the Hugo ballot.

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