Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cedar Sanderson Hugo Nomination Fanwriting Samples

Another of the Hugo fanwriter nominees.

Sadly, not that different from the other Puppy fanwriter nominees.

The distinctive feature here is that she congratulates herself on being feminine and a lady, as well as, of course, strong--unlike, we are given to understand, those silly and obnoxious feminists. She demands equality, and likes it when men put her on a pedestal, and doesn't seem to notice the contradiction. Feminists are women seeking notoriety based solely on their femaleness, and want to grind men under their heels. There's a long rant about lazy, wish-fulfillment fantasy, which does in fact say some useful and interesting things. She might publish her MilSF novel under her husband's name rather than her own,'s not at all clear why.

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